WBGC program

Feasibility study for Cvetojevac Wastewater Treatment Plant improvements

Project code: 52/WBGC-2020/1

Beneficiary: ENVECON Llc.

Year established: 2007

Profile: technical analysis and consultancy

Location: Cvetojevac, Serbia

Local organization: JKP Vodovod I Kanalizacija Kragujevac (Water Supply and Sanitation)

Total budget: HUF 23 420 000 /  EUR 66 346   

Grant amount: HUF 18 900 000 / EUR 53 541

Timeframe: 1 June 2020 – 30 June 2021

Project website: http://www.envecon.hu/

The project prepares a feasibility study for the upgrade and increased efficiency of sludge treatment and utilization in Cvetojevac Wastewater Treatment Plant. During the preparation, the Hungarian team delivers technological solutions for the improvement of the current Plant, in cooperation with the Budapest Sewage Works Ltd., sharing the operating experiences and best practices as Hungary’s biggest and oldest municipal wastewater service provider. The main project in the next phase would cover the modernization of the Plant, especially focusing on sludge treatment similar to the South Pest treatment system of Hungary.




Improved climate performance

reduced CO2 emission

1.7 kt/yr

reduced waste

7 kt/yr

renewable energy generation

2 000 MWh/yr  

Sustainable Development Goals:


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