WBGC program

Knowledge transfer supporting the Western Balkans region to prepare for EU natural conservation and climate directives

Project code: 26/WBGC-2020/1

Beneficiary: Bioaqua Pro Llc. 

Year established: 2004

Profile: research and evelopment in the filed of natural sciences

Location: Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia

Local organization: National Agency for Protected Areas (Albania), Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning (North Macedonia), Environmental Protection Agency (Kosovo), Environmental Protection Agency (Montenegro), Institute for Nature Conservation (Serbia)

Total budget: HUF 58 994 734 / EUR 167 124 

Grant amount: HUF 42 000 000 / EUR 118 980

Timeframe: 1 June 2020 – 30 June 2021

Project website: https://www.bioaquapro.hu/

The objective of this project is to promote the successful implementation of the national Natura 2000 networks and the required monitoring protocols in the Western Balkan countries. To reach this objective, Bioaqua Pro Ltd. in strategic co-operation with the Hungarian Natural History Museum offers help to the national authorities of five Western Balkan countries in the form of knowledge transfer.




Sustainable land management

protected land for Natura 2000 network

2.6 Mha

Communication, Education

individuals reached

100 000+

local, qualified environmental specialists trained

1 000

species of high importance in local databases

 12 000

new species for registration in Natura 2000


Sustainable Development Goals:


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