Smart Kragujevac – Preparing urban and road transportation DEMO projects

Project code: 43/WBGC-2020/1

Beneficiary: Toll Service Ltd. 

Year established: 1993

Profile: scientific and technical activities

Location: Kragujevac, Serbia

Local organization: JKP Sumadija Kragujevac (Public Services)

Total budget: HUF 34 300 000 / EUR 97 167 

Grant amount: HUF 27 400 000 / EUR 77 620

Timeframe: 1 June 2020 – 30 June 2021

Project website:

The project prepares a feasibility study on potential Smart City solutions in urban and road transport in Kragujevac. The study includes the assessment of the current transport system and recommendations for its improvements considering technical, financial, environmental and sustainability aspects, supporting the decision on the final projects. It will also involve key experts from the Hungarian National Toll Payment Services to share their operating experiences and best practices. The main project in the next phase would cover the detailed project planning including potential suppliers.




Improved climate performance

reduced CO2 emission

4 t/yr

reduced waste

3 t/yr


individuals changing behaviour

3 000+

Sustainable Development Goals: