Pre-feasibility study to prepare the market entry of the Water Retainer product in Albania

Project code: WBGC-2020 / 2-2020-00006

Beneficiary:Water & Soil Ltd.

Year established:2014

Profile: Manufacture of agrochemical products

Location: Albania

Local organizitaion:AFADA Fertilizer and Agribusiness Dealers' Association

Total budget: HUF 20,581,040

Grant amount: HUF 14,400,000

Timeframe: April 1, 2021 - March 31, 2022

Project page: ongoing

The aim of the present project is to examine the conditions of the market entry of the innovative Water Retainer product of the beneficiary, and to start the related testing and development processes and market entry preparations. As a result of the project, a feasibility study and a market entry plan will be completed. Digital marketing material will be prepared to present the product to authorities, potential distributors and users. Water Retainer is an organic soil conditioning product. Its professional use significantly increases the water retention capacity of the soil and plants. The product applied to the surface of the soil binds to the plant root or soil grains from the surface over time. The Water Retainer reduces water evaporation, retains water even at a depth of one meter in the upper layer of the soil due to its water-binding ability, thus reducing the use of irrigation water and ensuring a soil with the adequate water content.  




Sustainable land use, agriculture and forestry

Arable land / area-Improved soil quality

 50,000 if

More efficient resource management

Water-Reduced water use

12,000,000 m3 / year

Improved climate performance

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction-carbon dioxide

1,200 t / year

 Sustainable development goals: