Development of a water resource modeling system for agricultural purposes in Vojvodina

Project code: WBGC-2020 / 2-2020-00027

Beneficiary:LAC IMPEX Ltd.

Year established:2011

Profile: Wholesale of agricultural machinery and equipment

Location: Serbia

Local organizitaion Water Directorate

Total budget: HUF 71,428,572

Grant amount:HUF 43,500,000

Timeframe: January 1, 2021 - March 31, 2022

Project page: ongoing

Goal of the project is to produce a multifunctional software capable of modelling soil and precipitation characteristics for agricultural purposes. The software should be able to predict important aspects of agricultural environment so farmers would be able to better plan cultivation. As part of the project, the software will be applied on a specific area and the provided data will be shared with partner farmers. Utilisation of the software should allow decrease of water used in irrigation and increase of yield, thus helping adaptation to changing climate. Within the framework of the project beneficiary plans to carry out the following tasks: I. Development of methodology, preparation of system plan. II. Design and implementation of a data warehouse for the entire territory of Vojvodina, which contains all the GIS and other data and information that required for the planning process, including specific information and data related to the applied mathematical models. III. hydroinformatics system development. IV. Demonstration of the developed system in a specific sample area.




Sustainable agriculture



More efficient resource management

Water-Reduced water use

1,275,000 m3 / year

Sustainable agricultural land use



Design of a sowing structure adapted to climate change



Sustainable agriculture with a sustainable environmental impact



Sustainable development goals: