Our webinar series - More green experts introduced

In the framework of the Center of Excellence in Green Transition, we have held several webinars in recent months on topics such as a EU LIFE programme, climate strategy, wastewater management, geological measurements and sustainable cities. Our speakers were dedicated professionals who contribute to promoting a sustainable future and addressing global challenges related to environmental issues.

On 25 May, Gergely Hankó, Managing Director of the Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises, presented the association's activities, main events and projects, including the annual Plastic Cup. In his presentation, Gergely also touched upon the issue of waste management and illegal dumping of waste in the Western Balkans. The presentation is available in English here: (link)

On 14 June, Csaba Hüse from Voltrack Holding Zrt. presented the main activity of their company and the process of biogas-based renewable energy production. During the presentation, Csaba talked about the advantages and the operation of biogas power plants, as well as about the company's achievements so far and also future plans. The presentation is available in English here: (link).

Many thanks to our speakers and participants for beeing with us!

Széchényi 2020