The Hungarian Presidency of the V4 Group ended with a climate conference

On the 30 June 2022, Hungary's presidency of the Visegrad Group (V4) ended with a professional conference on climate policy. Bulgaria, Romania and the Republic of Korea were also invited to the event, and high-level state representatives and experts from the non-governmental as well as from the financial sphere discussed international climate policy issues in an informal setting. The agenda included ways to mitigate climate change, the promotion of adaptation, and possibility of creation the necessary financial resources.

At the event organized by the Ministry of Technology and Industry (MTI), in addition to the presentation of the priorities of each country's national climate policy, the views of non-state organizations on the issue were also presented by the Green Policy Center, the V4SDG and the Budapest office of the Global Green Growth Institute.

At the consultation on the future of financing the fight against climate change, Managing Director László Örlős on behalf of the Western Balkans Green Center presented the results and perspectives of the WBGC grant program, and drew attention to the fact that although there are significant setbacks in the context of the green energy transition, at the same time, the energy crisis strengthens the interest in clean energy, which facilitate energy security and diversify the energy mix in line with the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans. He also emphasized that, in addition to state responsibility, the mobilization of private funds targeting sound investments, is also necessary for climate financing.


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