Welcome to the website of the Western Balkans Green Center!

Data and science have shown that the greatest risks threatening humanity and our planet all relate to climate change. As a signatory to the Paris Agreement on Climate, Hungary has committed to participate in international financing of climate efforts.


As an international development agency of the Ministry for Innovation and Technology, the objective of the Western Balkans Green Center Nonprofit Llc., with the mandate to implement climate protection grant programmes, is to support the fulfilment of Hungary's climate commitments while promoting project generation in the Western Balkans. The Western Balkans is not only an incubation arena to foster regional connectivity through relevant green technology export but it also offers excellent business development opportunities due to its geographical and cultural proximity and the region’s European integration ambitions, which together give it its strategic importance.  

Our mission is to establish a quality project portfolio, supported by a significant volume of green economy investment plans. Our goal is to ensure that the preparatory phase is followed by implementation and financing phases with relevant added value that is competitive at the international level.

The medium-term goal of the Center, building on the product of grant programs, is to multiply the capital invested in project preparation through domestic, regional and international resource mobilization by means of a Green Investment Fund.

We trust that by strengthening the presence of viable project pipelines through competitive Hungary-based companies and their international partners, we can positively contribute to the green economy transition of the Western Balkans region.


László Örlős, PhD

Managing Director

Western Balkans Green Center Nonprofit Llc.