Press releases:

Hungarian companies support greening the Western Balkans, 16 December 2020

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Hungary continues to finance climate projects in the Western Balkans, 25 September 2020

Incentivizing regional climate protection efforts is Hungary’s strategic interest, 20 July 2020

Hungarian enterprises take a role in green transition of the Western Balkans, 17 June 2020 

Hungarian technologies for climate protection in the Western Balkans, 06 April 2020


WBGC Introductory leaflet February 2020

László Örlős: Green Finance for the Western Balkans November 2019


Green companies to get state support, 17 December 2020

Western Balkans: the coal keg of Europe as a trigger of change?, 24 November 2020

Hungary's Green Fund for Western Balkans a 'win-win', 11 March 2020